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Bender-Ferndorf sees itself as a mid-size, independent system supplier with the ability to react flexibly and fast to the manifold demands of the market. We offer customized solutions and we are renowned for constantly error-free deliveries. We support our customers in developing their specifications.
As part of the order processing, the company assumes responsibility for the whole logistics and delivers the goods right up to the construction site on an exact schedule.

The specific characteristics of steel pipes, wall thicknesses producible for many applications, large pipe lengths and correspondingly few numbers of welded joints to be applied at the construction site, as well as safe and long lasting interior and exterior anti-corrosion make the spirally welded steel pipe a transport device for various materials that is technically mature and exceeding economical.

Overall logistics

In cooperation with shipping partners that have been well-tried for years, Bender-Ferndorf offers its customers a logistics chain right to the stacking at the construction site that is pinpointed and on schedule.