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Joining techniques and weld-on attachments

The basic product “pipe” is supplemented by numerous additional system components such as adapters, end finishes (e.g., flanges or slip-in welded sleeves) and customer-specific steel attachments.

Flange Joints

Flanges are holed disks at the end of a pipe. They are used for joining pipe sections.
A complete flange joint consists of a pair of flanges, bolts, nuts, and shims, as well as the gasket that is pressed between the two flanges by the nuts and bolts.

Bender-Ferndorf can provide the following flange

  • Welding neck flanges
  • Slip-on flanges
  • Blank flanges
  • Screwed flanges
  • Lappend flanges
  • Loose flanges
  • Vessel flanges
  • SAE flanges