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All questions of product testing, of quality management, of environment protection, and of operational safety get highest attention at Bender-Ferndorf.

Quality testing

Quality and precision are the foundation of the Bender-Ferndorf philosophy – they are ensured by a quality management system that is tightly integrated into the organizational process and into the production. The automated and computer controlled production process takes hightest heed of the precision of the produced pipe. The pipes have to pass through automated testing and checking stations throughout the whole production seam. This includes ultrasonic tests of the basic material and of the weld seam, internal pressure test with water, X-ray test and, of course, visual final checks. Moreover, a company owned lab does spectral analyses and the DWT test.

In recent years, some bursting tests have been conducted. Spirally welded pipes have proven to only develop short cracks on the surface when damage occurs. Any crack at most extends to the width of one coil. The welding seams to the left and right stop the possible development of a crack in the pipe. The state of stress in the pipe is controlled by the special production technology of Bender-Ferndorf, which allows higher pressures in the pipe. Pipes from Bender-Ferndorf therefore resist high stresses and strains at any time. All production, testing and checking data are documented in a central IT based information system. The large number of certifications and pre-qualifications proves that Bender-Ferndorf complies with national and international requirements. Last but not least, relieability, flexibility, and adherence to contracts and schedules are the hallmarks of Bender-Ferndorf quality.

The environment management system of the company is certified according to the requirements of ISO 14001. The company has committed itself to analyse and continually reduce any hazards and strains impending on its personnel and the environment by using the most up-to-date measuring devices. Bender-Ferndorf complies at any time with the strict regulations on environment protection as well as on occupational safety and health. Some of the most important guideline of Bender-Ferndorf policy are continually training the personnel with respect to safety and environment awareness and adhering to a continuous improvement process.

We Are Manifold Certified

… and dispose the following certifications:
ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001
API 5L-0137
DIN EN ISO 3834-2 (LR and TÜV)

DIN 1626, DIN 1628, DIN EN 10208-1-2
DIN EN 10217-1-6 and DVGW G 463
AD 2000-HP 0/HP 110 R/TRD 201
guideline 97/23/EG
DIN EN 10219-1 (CE mark)

IT based central documentation of all production steps and tests

Product tests:

  • Company owned lab
  • automated testing and checking stations
  • Ultrasonic test of basic material and weld seam after forming
  • Internal pressure test with water
  • Spectral analysis and DWT-test
  • X-ray and visual final check
  • Pre-stressing the pipes
  • Burst experiments
  • Grand verification of suitability according to DIN 18800