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SPIRAL SEAM: Equal diameter throughout the whole length

The company can look on more than 90 years of experience in producing large diameter pipes.

Spirally welded pipes by Bender-Ferndorf are throughout their whole length “round by nature”, without any re-calibration, due to the specific processing – this is a special advantage when placing and post-processing them. For this purpose, the company has developed a method of pipe forming that is only in use at Ferndorf. In this groundbreaking method by Bender-Ferndorf, hot rolled coil is led via a decoiling and straightening equipment into the forming and pipe welding device, then formed into a helix and welded from the exterior and interior using the submerged-arc welding process.

Due to the constant diameter throughout the whole pipe length, calibrating the pipe ends is unneccessary. This also simplifies the quality tests at the construction site significantly.

The material specific characteristics of steel pipes, wall thicknesses producible for many applications, large pipe lengths and correspondingly few numbers of welded joints to be applied at the construction site, as well as safe and long lasting interior and exterior anti-corrosion make the spirally welded steel pipe a transport device for various materials that is technically mature and exceedingly economical.

Bender-Ferndorf was the first to establish the quality standard of so-called pre-stressing in the market, in cooperation with experts of TÜV Bavaria. This additional process is done on customer request; it relieves unwelcome residual stresses of the pipe. This enables customers to do the stress test at the construction site faster and with lest costs than previously possible.