Bender-Ferndorf Rohr GmbH - 57223 Kreuztal-Ferndorf - Germany - Telephone +49-(0)2732-552-0


Bender-Ferndorf Rohr GmbH
Mühlenweg 2-6
57223 Kreuztal-Ferndorf

Ferndorf is located in the northern area of the Siegerland, it is part
of the immediate surrounding area of the town Siegen. The Siegerland lies in the triangle between the Rhine area, the Ruhr area, and the Rhine-Main region. Already in the 19th century, an industry developed in which small-scale companies prevailed.

Since mediaeval times, mining and ore smelting have characterized the region. It was here that the entrepreneur Ernst Bender founded his company „Eisen- und Metallwerke Ferndorf GmbH“ in 1917 that specialized in producing large diameter pipes and has earned an excellent reputation at home and abroad in the last decade with the trade name „Bender-Ferndorf“. Since the beginning of 2007, the company has been operating under the name “Bender-Ferndorf Rohr GmbH”.