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Introducing ourselves

Introducing ourselves – our company

For more than 90 years now, Bender-Ferndorf has produced pipes made of steel for various applications at its headquarters in Ferndorf, a district of Kreuztal in the Siegerland.

In the year 1917, Ernst Bender founded the company. It has been family owned for now three generations.Today, 100 employees work in this company and produce around 120,000 tons of pipes in various diameters, wall thicknesses and lengths. World wide delivery is assured through modern logistics. As a manufacturer of formerly longitudinally welded pipes, Bender-Ferndorf found it in the fifties a consequent and reasonable idea to use all their collected experience in setting up their own production of special machinery for manufacturing pipes. In pursuit of further improvement,it was decided in 1957 to establish a manufacturing division for spirally welded pipes, as well - following the demand of the market for steadily larger pipe dimensions and for more economical modes of production. Bender-Ferndorf has set a new course in this technology time and time again for five decades, using machinery constructed and put to the test in its own factory.

Today, producing spirally welded pipes of high quality is the core competence of this traditional company. At this, the company was successful in covering and extending market niches in the upper range of pipe diameters, wall thicknesses, and pipe lengths. The market share of pipes produced with this manufacturing technique has been steadily increasing.

In their production line, Bender-Ferndorf covers a wide gamut of large diameter pipes. The company sees itself as a forward looking business that always
works on finding innovative solutions for satisfying the customer. It has the ambitious objective to offer closest tolerances for the pipe dimensions. Employees with
longstanding experience assure that quality standards are constantly high.

Our Product Range

Spirally welded large diameter steel pipes

Dimension  508 - 1828.8 mm  
Wall thickness  6 – 25,4 mm (for X 80 up to 22 mm)  
Steel qualities  according to DIN 1626,
DIN 1628 EN 10208 sections (1) and (2),
API Spec 5L  
Pipe lengths  Pipelines up to 18 m, construction pipes up to 36 m  
Joining technique  Butt welding joint, slip-in welded sleeve, slip-over welded sleeve, flange joints, customized joints are available  
Coating   Polyethylene according to DIN 30670
Polypropylene according to DIN 30678 
Lining   Cement mortar
Liquid epoxy  
Alternative linings / coating   Available on request