Bender-Ferndorf Rohr GmbH - 57223 Kreuztal-Ferndorf - Germany - Telephone +49-(0)2732-552-0

At a glance

Figures And Facts

  • Founded in 1917 as “Eisen- und Metallwerke Ferndorf GmbH”
  • Name changed in 2007 to “Bender-Ferndorf Rohr GmbH”
  • Focus of production: spirally welded large diameter pipes
  • Basic material: Steel
  • The main application areas are in the fields: Water supply, sewage, oil, gas, distance heating, building industry, manufacturing industry (chemical industry)
  • Location: Kreuztal-Ferndorf (10 km to the north of Siegen. 70 km to the east of Cologne)
  • Employees: about 100
  • Output: about 100,000 tons of pipes per year
  • Revenue breakdown: around 70% in exports, 30% domestic sales

Our Unique Selling Propositions

… are:

  • the non-ovality (our pipes round „by nature” and keep a constant diameter)
  • our adherence to production and delivery specifications
  • our customized solutions (we produce all popular diameters, lengths and pipe wall thicknesses)
  • our more than 90 year experience with producing large diameter pipes: we have realized several thousand projects by now
  • our high quality standards: we have our own testing lab and we analyse all production steps minutely, starting with the coil
  • our willingness to innovate: pre-stressing in the factory, bursting tests, spectral analysis,wall thickness of 25,4 mm is possible, reproducible pipe ends
  • we handle the whole chain of production and logistics: production, coating, transport to the construction site, and stacking.

How It All Started

  • 1917: Ernst Bender founded the company with the name “Eisen- und Metallwerke Ferndorf GmbH”
  • 1923: The company objective is now producing large (longitudinally welded) steel pipes and the construction of special machinery for this purpose
  • 1957: Production of spirally welded pipes begins
  • 1958: API certification. The basis of our current QM system
  • 1980: First production of a spirally welded large diameter pipe with a wall thickness of 25 mm
  • 1993: ISO 9001 certification
  • 2003: ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certifications
  • 2007: Name changed to “Bender-Ferndorf Rohr GmbH”
  • 2010: Expansion of the size range to wall thickness up to 25,4 mm for X 70 and 22 mm for X 80
  • 2010: Ultrasonic test, nor only of weld seams, but also of the entire base material after forming
  • 2010: Employment of worldwide most advanced testing facilities in production and the company owned lab