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Water Pipelines

The modern conduit pipe for drinking water supply and waste water disposal is a composite of steel and interior and exterior coating, in which the mechanical properties of the steel pipe and the active protection of the coating form an effective system.


… this leads to a steadily increasing demand for water pipelines made from steel, in the area of drinking water as well as of sewage.

Requirement Profile

… for water pipes:

  • Use of high quality steel grades such as L235 or L355
  • Pipes in the middle range of wall thicknesses and diameters (e.g., thickness 10 mm and diameter 1016 mm)
  • Must endure pressures up to 40 bar
  • In case of damage, the material only bursts in small sections (from one seam to the next)
  • High quality anti-corrosion on the inside and outside
  • The producer guarantees for the constant quality of the pipeline throughout the whole project
  • The supplier provides JIT logistics right up to the construction site
  • High assembling performance through continuous coordination between manufacturing party and placing party
  • Long lifetime of the pipelines.