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Oil And Gas

Oil And Gas Pipelines

High steel grades and extremely heavy wall thicknesses make high operating pressures possible whilst providing maximal security for the operator.

Requirement Profile

… for oil and gas pipelines:

  • Use of high quality steel types such as X 70 (L485MB) or X 80 (L555MB)
  • Pipes in the higher range of wall thicknesses and diameters (e.g., thickness 22,7 mm, X 70, and diameter 1219.2 mm)
  • Must endure highest pressures
  • In case of damage, the material only bursts in small sections (from one seam to the next)
  • High quality anti-corrosion on the inside and outside
  • The producer guarantees the constant quality of the pipes throughout the whole project
  • The supplier provides JIT logistics right up to the construction site
  • High assembling performance through continuous coordination between manufacturing party and placing party
  • Long lifetime of the pipes

Pipeline Production

… needs know-how and a focus on details.

  • Use of high-strength steel grades
  • Heavy wall thicknesses (of up to 25,4 mm) and lengths; large diameters (508 – 1829 mm)
  • Helical decoiling using a decoiling equipment and subsequent forming via a straightening equipment
  • Joining (on the interior and exterier) using the submerged-arc welding process (SAW)
  • Pipe lengths of up to 18 m are possible
  • The pipes are “round by nature” throughout their whole length (without re-calibration)
  • Comprehensive tests are run throughout the whole production
  • Each single processing step is meticulously documented.
  • Closest tolerances are achieved concerning straightness, ovality and exactness of the diameter.